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2 Alternative Words Similar to aponeurosis

1 Facia Noun      Synonym Words Like Facia
2 Fascia Noun      Synonym Words Like Fascia

5 definitions of aponeurosis

1 Any one of the thicker and denser of the deep fasciæ which cover, invest, and the terminations and attachments of, many muscles. They often differ from tendons only in being flat and thin. See fascia.
2 any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones; resemble flattened tendons
3 A sheetlike fibrous membrane, resembling a flattened tendon, that serves as a fascia to bind muscles together or as a means of connecting muscle to bone.
4 In anatomy, any fascia or fascial structure; especially, the tendon of a muscle when broad, thin, flat, and of a glistening whitish color, or the expansion of a tendon covering more or less of the muscle, or a broad, thin, whitish ligament.
5 A flattened fibrous membrane, similar to a tendon, that binds muscles together or connects them other body parts like skin or bone.
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