We have put together a list of words that are similar to AMOROUSNESS.

11 Alternative Words Similar to amorousness

1 Enamoredness Noun      Synonym Words Like Enamoredness
2 Eroticism Noun      Synonym Words Like Eroticism
3 Erotism Noun      Synonym Words Like Erotism
4 Sexiness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sexiness
5 Amativeness Noun      Synonym Words Like Amativeness
6 Love Noun      Synonym Words Like Love
8 Carnality Noun      Hyponym Words Like Carnality
9 Pruriency Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pruriency
10 Lubricity Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lubricity
11 Prurience Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prurience

5 definitions of amorousness

1 The quality of being amorous, or inclined to sexual love; lovingness.
2 a feeling of love or fondness
3 the arousal of feelings of sexual desire
4 The quality of being amorous, or inclined to love or to sexual pleasure; fondness; lovingness.
5 The state or quality of being amorous.
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