We have put together a list of words that are similar to AMBIANCE.

18 Alternative Words Similar to ambiance

1 Atmosphere Noun      Synonym Words Like Atmosphere
2 Ambience Noun      Synonym Words Like Ambience
3 Condition Noun      Synonym Words Like Condition
4 Environment Noun      Synonym Words Like Environment
5 Environs Noun      Synonym Words Like Environs
6 Status Noun      Synonym Words Like Status
7 Surround Noun      Synonym Words Like Surround
8 Surroundings Noun      Synonym Words Like Surroundings
9 Look Noun      Hyponym Words Like Look
10 Smell Noun      Hyponym Words Like Smell
11 Feel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Feel
12 Miasma Noun      Hyponym Words Like Miasma
13 Tone Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tone
14 Miasm Noun      Hyponym Words Like Miasm
15 Flavor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavor
16 Feeling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Feeling
17 Spirit Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spirit
18 Flavour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavour

6 definitions of ambiance

1 a particular environment or surrounding influence
2 the atmosphere of an environment
3 The special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment: "The noir ambience is dominated by low-key lighting . . . and deep shadows, creating feelings of disorientation, loneliness and entrapment” ( UCLA Film/TV Archive).
4 Environment: in art, the arrangement of accessories and surroundings to support the main effect intended.
5 A particular mood or atmosphere of an environment or surrounding influence.
6 A secondary color of a polygon that becomes more pronounced with shading.
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